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Meeting The Needs
There are many scriptures such as the one above, or Luke 3:11  NIV ". . the man
with two tunics should share....the one with food should do the same(share) and
Rom 12:13  NIV "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality."
that direct us to help provide for the needs of others. We believe one of the most
important parts of our Christianity is the example we show to the ones around us
and we believe helping people with their immediate needs will show the love of
Christ that the word instructs us to show. I have found that people are tired of the
lip service that they have received for so long and it is time we as Christians start
showing more action. I believe it is time we get out in our communities and find
out what the needs of our neighbors are, that we truly show them the love of
Christ through our actions. We will not win them by "telling them Jesus loves
them" but by showing them that He does.  I have found a wonderful ministry,, (Click on the address or logo on left to be linked to their
site) that has put together a fantastic and extensive program that is helping
interested c
hurches and ministries to achieve this goal. Our hopes is that their
programs will provide an opportunity for you and your church to reach out to the
people in your community and hopefully begin to build relationships and show
them what it truly is to have Jesus in your life.
 Let us all get out there and reach
this seemingly forgotten world.
 Thank you for your time and may God bless.
Please visit this great
ministry that is truly
showing the love of Christ!